Privacy policy

Applicable from 2018-05-29 12:00

As part of our activity, we collect, process and store personal data about you or your customers and partners. This data may be transmitted by you directly (for example when booking shipments) or collected automatically by our systems (technical logs, tracking).

This data processing is only carried out in the cases specified in applicable regulations: execution of a contract between you and MY FLYING BOX, legal obligation, previously and explicitly consented usage, legitimate interest. My Flying Box does not collect or process any sensitive data concerning you in the sense defined by the French CNIL (see CNIL definition:, in French language only).

You will find below the list of personal data processing flows carried out by My Flying Box, as well as the terms and conditions linked to this processing (purpose, host, retention period, transmission to third parties).

User accounts

Personal data: name, email address, telephone number, password (encrypted), IP address of the current connection, IP address of the previous connection, attached customer account.


  • platform login and user identification

  • commercial monitoring and assistance

  • sending operational notifications (invoices, incidents, etc.) by email

  • sending periodic newsletters relating to My Flying Box services, by email

Hosting companies: OVH (France)

Retention period: until the account is deleted, at the user's request.

Transmission to third parties: newsletters are sent via the MailChimp service, to which your email address is therefore transmitted; you can request the removal of your address from this service by clicking on the link at the bottom of each message received through this means. You can consult MailChimp's personal data processing policy at the following address:


Personal data: surname, first name, postal address, email address, phone number of senders and recipients.


  • carrying out the transport service;

  • invoicing (detailed report of invoiced shipments).

Hosting companies: OVH (France).

Retention period:

Personal data is deleted from shipments 12 months after completion of the service. This period is the one during which our suppliers can contractually apply re-invoicing, which we must be able to verify.

After 12 months, shipments are kept in archiving mode, without associated personal data (note: these archiving mechanisms will only be fully automated during the month of June 2018).

Transmission to third parties: the data is transmitted to partner transport agents, as well as to our insurer if the ad-valorem insurance option has been taken out.

Technical journals

Personal data:

  • business application logs: any data transferred to our systems, including personal data related to shipments (see above) and the IP address at the origin of the request.

  • technical application logs: IP address at the origin of the request, customer account identifier.


  • analysis in the event of a malfunction or security problem

  • real-time performance monitoring

Hosting companies:

  • OVH (France).

Retention period: 6 weeks.

Transmission to third parties: none.

Statistics cookies

Personal data: None. We have configured the tools used so that they only work on the basis of anonymized data.

Purpose: to improve our knowledge of how our services are used, in order to be able to improve them

Hosting companies:

  • (France), internal tool managed by My Flying Box.

  • Google Analytics

Transmission to third parties: no personal data is transmitted.


Online payments by credit card are managed directly by the service provider Stripe, which receives your payment information, your IP address and your My Flying Box customer identifier.

You can consult Stripe's data processing policy at the following address:

Links to the personal data processing policies of our partners and subcontractors:

OVH (host): (host):

Chubb (insurer):

MailChimp (mailing lists):

Google Analytics:


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